• Convey your wishes in a unique way with Giftyou online brand

    The concept of online services is growing in importance in today’s modern world. By keeping this in mind, Giftyou is all set to reach the expectations of customers in a best satisfactory way by providing genuine services. Whether it is a birthday, wedding anniversary or valentine’s day, for any special occasion you have, we at Giftyou offer plenty of surprise gifts to make your occasion more pleasant and mesmerizing. The scope of products at our online store is limitless where one can pick the best product and wrap as a gift for their loved ones whenever needed.

    Promise to provide quality services

    Though it is an online business of selling products yet rather than focusing on profits and sales we are very particular about satisfying customers by delivering top quality products at impressive rates. Whether it is a new customer or existing the level of services we provide will be always top-notch that ensures 100% satisfaction. Every product available at Giftyou purely depends on the creativity and imagination of the individual. We promise to make your celebrations the most beautiful time to cherish throughout the life with our quality services.

    Send your gifts without a shadow of doubt

    Gone are the days when people used to spin their heads and hop towards gift shops, florists or bakeries to wrap the best gift for their special person. Today the options available online are countless, at Giftyou you can pick a delicious cake, fragrance-filled flowers or any impressive gift item and send it to the people you love and care about, with our fast delivery options. Thousands of varieties in cakes, flowers and many other gift items will help you make a unique choice without any shadow of doubt. The best thing about shopping at Giftyou is you can pick the products that perfectly suit the event or the receiver. Let us know about some perfect choices at our website:

    Find fantabulous gift for Valentine’s Day

    It is the best day for lovers to express their love and feelings towards each other. This popular day is celebrated on 14th February of every year. To show a true expression of love and devotion on this day Giftyou is of great help.

    Beautiful Red Roses - Red roses which are proven as a perfect symbol of romantic love are available in beautiful arrangements at our website. Whether you are in a need of single rose flower or a bunch of red roses arranged in an impressive way, we are always available to reach your expectations.

    Lovely hamper of Chocolates – Presented in a lovely bag, this would make the perfect gift that brings smile on recipients face. Whether it is a girl sending hamper to boy or vice versa. Chocolate hamper is always on the top list of best Valentine’s Day gifts. Giftyou is specialized in providing wide range of chocolates that are of top quality and branded.

    Mouth-Watering Cakes – Any special event of course is incomplete without the presence of cake and so is Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in a thought of celebrating Valentine’s Day together or planning to surprise your loved one by sending perfect gift, cake is the right choice to select and order at Giftyou. Fruit cake, vanilla cake, chocolate cake or eggless cake, Giftyou is perfect in baking any time of cake at reasonable rates. Make your valentine feel happy and satisfied with your love by sending yummylious cakes.

    Add spark to your birthday celebrations

    Birthday that comes once in a year brings loads of happiness and fun. Whether it is a son, daughter mother or wife making them feel happy on their birthday is our responsibility. There are plenty of options available to make them feel special yet choosing the best one is always confusing.  We at Giftyou understand your situation and providing wide range of options to help you select the perfect surprise gift for your loved one and make them cherish the beautiful moments forever.

    Birthday gifts for baby boy – Kids plays a very important role in making our lives more interesting and lovely. Celebrating kid’s birthday is like bringing heaven to the earth. Though the list of items required for birthday party are countless yet compared to all birthday gift is very important that expresses the true feelings of parents towards their lovely child. The perfect birthday gifts for baby boy are:

    Ø  Puzzle games

    Ø  Cartoon cakes  (Spiderman, Bheem, Doremon, Minions)

    Ø  Colorful balls

    Ø  Bicycles

    Ø  Soft Pillows

    Ø  Cartoon printed T-shirts

    Ø  Chocolates

    Birthday Gifts for Baby Girl – Compared to boys, baby girls are most adorable and have plenty of choices to select from the list of gift items. Birthday gifts for baby girls are categorized in a wide range like:

    • Ø  Lovely Hair bands
    • Ø  Cartoon Cakes (Barbie, Cinderella, Butterfly)
    • Ø  Long frocks
    • Ø  Chocolates
    • Ø  Teddy bears and other soft toys
    • Ø  Piggy Bank 
    • Ø  Baby Girl Socks

    Birthday Gifts for Wife – The bond of wife and husband is more special and valuable than any other relationship. However, to make this bond strong and healthy forever it is always important to express our love and care towards each other. The best occasion to show or love is Birthday. If it is your wife birthday then just turn your heads towards Giftyou and end up picking the perfect gift for her. Some of the best gifts that you can wrap with loads of love and send it to your wife on her Birthday are:

    Ø  Bunch of fresh and colorful flowers

    Ø  Beautiful Diamond ring

    Ø  Impressive Handbag

    Ø  Delicious cake

    Ø  Heart-winning Chocolates

    Birthday Gifts for Husband – It is something quite difficult for all the wives out there to make their choice unique when presenting a gift to their handsome Husband. If you are one out of those wives then Giftyou is here to help you. Yes, at our website you can not only make your search simple for the perfect gift but also grab all the possible gift ideas to make your husband’s birthday joyous and impressive. Perfect gifts for your husband’s birthday would be:

    Ø  Romance-filled red roses

    Ø  Perfect T-shirt of his favorite color

    Ø  Loveable Wrist watches

    Ø  Delicious Heart-shaped cake

    Ø  Perfect Hamper of Chocolates

    Ø  Favorite collection of sweets

    Apart from the above mentioned there are many other options available for the people of different kind to shop at Giftyou and place an order whenever and from wherever you are in Hyderabad.

    Big bash in Birthday Parties

    Today, people are giving great importance to birthday parties. Whether it is a first birthday or 50th birthday, people are particular about celebrating it in a most special and interesting way. Since the demand for birthday parties is growing very high In Hyderabad City we get to see many even management services coming into existence to host the parties. However, if you are planning to host your own party without taking any help from event management services, then Giftyou is ready to make your party more interesting and fun-filled where you can make your own selection. Like:

    Magicians for birthday parties – Today there are endless options available to make any small birthday celebration a more exciting and fun-filled one. From the big list of options available hiring magician is one the top. Today the demand for Magicians in Hyderabad is very high and most of the parties are incomplete without a magic show. Though there are many local magicians available in Hyderabad it is very important to hire the one with good experience. You can make your search simple for the perfect Magician in Hyderabad with Giftyou.

    Add more sweetness to your sweet memories

    Everyone on this earth love to celebrate birthdays in a unique way. However, in any birthday party we get to see people give more importance to sweets arrangements. In fact people show more interest towards arranging different varieties of sweets in the party to impress guests. To give a good look to food arrangements Giftyou is happy to come up with delicious and tasty sweets of different varieties. One can choose the types of sweets they love to have in their party and place an order at reasonable rates.

    Make the first impression the best with perfect decoration

    The first thing that comes in our mind whenever we think of any party is decoration. Today people are very particular about following new trend and fashion. Compared to yesteryears the decoration ideas and decorative items have taking great change. Today’s style of decorating any event is so impressive and eye-catching that it adds best luxurious look to any simple party. Though not all the people on this earth are perfect in decorating a party environment Giftyou is always available with all new ideas and decorative items to help people add perfect look to their party environment.

    We are specialized in providing all latest types of decorative pieces and items to help you give a trendy look. The products available at giftyou are impressive in look as well as rates.

    Wrap beautiful return gifts for birthdays

    Return gifts are something that is reaching heights of popularity as they are in the list of adding more perfection to any birthday party. Depending on your budget and type of party you can shop for best return gifts at Giftyou online store. Whether it is a kid’s birthday party or adults you no need to hop around the market to get the perfect return gifts rather just get your desired gift items with few simple clicks on our popular online store.

    Beauty of Hindu Brides

    Marriages are made in Heaven is the common saying that we get to hear everywhere we go. However, to experience the heaven on earth, attending Hindu marriage is the right choice. With so many rituals and traditions, Hindu marriage is filled with loads of impressive events and heavenly environment that has great significance all over the world. Compared to all, the costumes of bride are so beautiful and attractive that it leaves her a center of attraction through the event.

    Today there are many different types of bridal collections available in the market to help all the Hindu brides add more traditional look on their special event of life. You can make your shopping for pelli poola jada easy with our Giftyou online store. We are specialized in providing different types of pelli poola jada to suit the costume of different Hindu brides. Made up of designed flowers and other impressive items, poola jadas at our store are available at reasonable rates.

    In Which cities do we offer Cake and flower delivery

    Till date, thousands of customers in Hyderabad are highly satisfied with our dedicated service. We are soon getting ready to spread our professional services to other cities of India. If you are a residence of Hyderabad and have not experienced our service yet, then it is time for you to enjoy the real fun in getting all the desired products from your comfort zone at reasonable rates.

    Make you shopping easy with different payment methods

    Satisfying customers is our main motto and to help they make their shopping experience at Giftyou more satisfying and comfortable, we are available with different payment methods. You can choose cash on delivery or online payment option as per your convenience where the process of payment would be so simple and easy. You can feel free to use your debit/credit card at our online payment page without any hesitation as we are very particular about keeping all your details secured.

    How flexible it is to shop at Giftyou?

    Whether you are a new customer or existing, you will for sure feel happy and satisfied with our online shopping service. Giftyou online shopping page is so friendly and easy to access where all the options available are simple to understand and makes it flexible to place your order. There is no restrictions of timings rather can shop for your desired product whenever and from wherever you are in Hyderabad.