Fruit Cakes


Blue berry chocolate strips fruit cake


Chocolate strips arranged like flower as lotus, on the blue berry cake, garnished with pineapple, Straw berry and kiwi fruits. Fruit cakes delivery in Hyderabad...


Mango chocolate strips cake


Design Chocolate strips steamed on the sides of the cake, Kiwi fruits, strawberry fruits placed on the mango flavor cake...


Mango Magic Cake


Chocolate waffy rolls, Apple pieces, kiwi fruits on the mango flavor cake, Eggless also available. midnight/same day delivery available...


Delicious Fruit Cake


Delicious Fruit Cake decorated with orange fruits on top of the cake. Delicious Fruit Cake starts from 2 kg's...


Yummy fruit cake


Order fruit cakes to your bestie, Orange, Apple, kiwi fruits are placed on yummy gel cake and Chocolate strips steamed on cake. fruit cakestarts from 1.5 kg...

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